Before You Book Your Tattoo

Review the steps below before selecting Pre-Booking Button

Step 1: Describe your future tattoo.

Please provide a detailed description of the tattoo design you have in mind. Include elements, symbols, specific images, or any other important details that you would like to incorporate. If you have a specific style in mind, such as traditional, realism, or watercolor, please mention that as well.

Step 2: Provide your future tattoo location.

Indicate the exact location on your body where you would like to have the tattoo placed. Be as specific as possible, as this will help in assessing the size and design placement.

Step 3: Provide the Size of your future tattoo.

Specify the desired size of the tattoo. You can use measurements in inches or provide a rough estimate such as palm-sized, forearm-length, or any other reference that helps determine the scale. Keep in mind that some intricate designs may require a larger size to maintain the desired level of detail.

Step 4: Upload Reference Pictures.

If you have any reference images or pictures that can help illustrate your idea, please upload them. This could include images of similar tattoos, style references, or specific elements you would like to incorporate. High-quality images or clear drawings will provide a better understanding of your vision.

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